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July 11, 2010

Hello AMC Fans!  It's a joy to be back with you again this week, reviewing what went on with our show and talking about all that is Pine Valley.  I am deeply encouraged by some of the spark I saw in stories this week and tentatively hopeful for an upswing in our story-telling!  All shows cycle, as we veteran viewers know all too well, and the fluctuations with shifting head writers on AMC have often tried the patience of AMC loyalists.  We are nothing if not resilient and - occasionally - patient, so let's take a look at what is going on and see if we can predict what comes next.

The Hubbards remain troubled; close, but troubled.  As Angie struggles to cope with her deteriorating condition on her own, she lies and lies and lies to Jesse which cannot lead anywhere good.  I had the vague impression this week that she will still be in denial to him when she is pecking around the hospital with a white cane and a guide dog and he will probably still believe that it's all about the false pregnancy.

When he asked her to keep the baby idea tucked away for future reference, he was kind enough not to mention that her biological clock is TICKIN' LIKE THIS (a "My Cousin Vinny" reference for the enlightened souls out there) and unless we are anti-SORASing the good Dr. Hubbard, she's likely to be diagnosing herself as being peri-menopausal and crying into her voice recorder over that before too long as well.

Of course, if Erica is not yet menopausal, Angie easily has a good twenty years to go comparatively before her little ovaries dry up and blow away.  Realistically, we know that Erica would have confidently started wearing white pants all month a couple of decades ago, but do we really think anyone, least of all the writers, would ever admit to that?  We still haven't warmed up to the idea of referring to her as a grandmother - or my own personal fantasy which is having some of her children run to her squealing the Southern euphemism, "Meemawww! Meemawww!"  Heh heh heh.  Yes, I know I am cruel - much less acknowledged that there could actually be a physiological aging process that is happening.

Perhaps Jesse is thinking along those lines as well.  The writers deftly handled the dance around the fact that Jesse was asking Angie to spend the next few months vomiting up her oats and yogurt and peeing nonstop while defending the hospital from the Evil Doctor Hayward by having him confess his understanding that his timing of wanting a baby Hubbard was fairly unfortunate.  I would love to see a mature mom pregnancy happen on one of our soaps.  Having babies in your late 30's  and into your 40's is a whole other ballgame (and therefore a whole other storyline) than having babies as an energetic, nubile young thing like Amanda, Kendall or Greenlee.  It was my hope that this was where we were going when Angie became symptomatic and I admit that I like the "Angie goes blind" story much less than the potential carried by a pregnancy story.

What Angie fails to realize is how well Jesse knows her and that putting him off with the stress and tension story isn't going to work for very long unless she gets her game face on better than she has now.  Every time he turns his back, she erupts into silently flowing tears and it is only a matter of time before he catches her and demands more information or has her committed for her own restful good.  Now that Jesse is not quite as focused on his job (not that he ever was - David is his obsession), maybe he can be more aware of what is going on around him.  If he put half of the attention into Angie that he puts into David, he'd already know something is up. 

Jake proved one of my many points (I make several in a week, mostly useless) when he referred to himself as a "metrosexual."  My son asked me what that was one time and I said it was a straight man who is perfectly comfortable with his own compulsion to decorate.  Nuff said.

Speaking of Jake, I think he has larked onto an easy way to
cheap out on any number of family vacations.

Oh Randi, my little bump-it queen.  I feel some not very good times coming.  Cinderella stories are part of the nourishment that sustains soap operas, but I think this Pretty Woman scenario is going to crash and burn before long.  Hearing Frankie wistfully say that Amanda wanting to stay home with her family is sweet while he encourages her to dump him temporarily to springboard her career did not smack of happy times to come.  Her tone seemed to indicate that Amanda was fairly stupid to pass up this opportunity of a lifetime just over some stupid husband with whom she'd rather spend time.  Conflict abounds even though the direct words are not spoken.

Her insecurity over Madison sleeping on her sacred dotted sheets and eating pizza with her husband should be a gentle nudge to her that things could use a little work.

So if Madison and Frankie hook up, what will their "cute" name be?  Mankie?  Fradison?  And why does her dress remind me of a tudor house?

Speaking of Madison and stuff that reminds me of other stuff.  There's this:

and then there's this:


Watching David spin the whole SEC bribe deal was like watching Bob Ross paint happy little clouds.  Not only is he a total master at what he does, but he has really, really great hair.

Bob Ross gives his stamp of approval...

I have become highly irritated by Greenlee's near bi-polar, break neck sprints between being a ruthless, conniving, cut-throat, take-no-prisoners bitch to a wide-eyed, innocent ingénue who is stunned by David's machinations to move them forward in the world as a couple.  They married on a platform not of love, but of mutual respect and a cooperative agenda to take down the people in town who have hurt them.  It seems Greenlee is fine with that until hands start to get dirty.  I am reminded of what Super Chicken used to say to his side-kick, Fred, when he would complain and something he was asked to do or fret about something going on, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred." 

Greenlee indirectly fusses about not being in her own bed, but she's at the Yacht Club, not slumming at the Pine Cone.  I'll bet David could arrange to have her very bed brought into the Yacht Club room if he put his mind to it.  I doubt Caleb particularly wants it.  It probably reeks of perfume and body cream and such.

My advice to Greenlee.  #1)  David doesn't need your mercy sex.  #2)  Let him build the house.  It looked amazing and you're going to need it since - I hate to say it - Caleb made an excellent point about how David's actions cost him his house so he's going to keep Wildwind.  Mind you, it was actually Erica's actions of insisting on flying without an inspection that resulted in the accident (David only meant to ground her), so if anything, Caleb should have Jack's house or something.  Who's going to split hairs?  I don't see it coming.

As my last bit on the Haywards and their varied band of miscreants, I just want to clear up some (oh too subjective) facts:  Greenlee was not the love of Ryan's life and neither was Kendall or Erica or anyone else who ever worked at Fusion where he tends to dip his wick lately.  The love of Ryan's life was Gillian.  Remember when he holed up with her dead body and refused to let anyone take it while Brooke banged on the door and demanded the very heart from her chest?  GILLIAN, who defied death itself to come to Ryan when he needed her?   When Greenlee died, all she did was get pissed off that he didn't crawl up and die himself for a year and wait for her to come back. 

The love of Greenlee's life is not Ryan, despite how she acts.  It was Leo, also dead.  You don't get to be the love of anyone's life in soaps unless you are dead.  David is the exception because I really do believe that Greenlee is the love of his life and I think we are headed to a rapid derailment of that love.  Maybe she'll die again so she can be immortalized in the "Love of Someone's Life" Hall of Fame for real.

If you thought that Caleb was all refined and cultured by now, the boot smelling scene should have removed all doubt for you.  Yes, he smelled them both, accomplishing exactly what, I am just not completely sure.  My 10-year-old son just looked at the screen capture and said, "Is that guy vomiting in his boot?" 

I felt sad at first for his dismissive treatment of Tad and Liza - well, not so much about Liza.  Hard to feel sorry for her.  This is, of course, all build up to the idea that Caleb has "a story" and one that is bound to emerge sooner than later.  Yes, I do want to hear it I cannot imagine that even Erica has enough liquor in her cabinet to adequately lubricate the story right out of him, but I have confidence that the writers are well on their way to the big reveal. 

Admittedly, once he finally changed out of that brown plaid monstrosity with the scented boots and into what I can only presume to be his West Virginia finest Sunday-go-to-meetin clothes below, I began to see that he can likely clean up into a suitable CEO persona, especially after Erica finishes her inevitable Eliza Doolittle make over with him.  He'll be using those boots to push down the divots on the polo field in no time.

Drink up, Johnny. 
My, my, he has very long and graceful fingers.

He had two lines of wisdom that I plucked from his pile of gruffly mumbled nicknames and insults.  He said that everyone in town was a liar, a hypocrite or both.  He might be grumpy, but he is observant.   He also told Tad, "Kids are scared of me."  I think adults likely are as well.

I half expected him to say, "Oh look, Dumb and Dumber just showed up."

Something tells me that the love story of Scott and Annie will not have ballads written about it and stands slightly less of a chance of succeeding as Frankie and Randi.  So far, he has given her a mansion to live in, a guy to sex up (at least put her in the immediate access of his radar) and now a plum job as the head of Public Relations for Chandler Enterprises.  (Ha ha what?)  Melissa Claire Egan is an amazing actress, but Annie is being written all over the place. No matter how much Scott makes the cute Hayley Joel Osment face at her, I have a feeling his Sixth Sense should be tingling about the bad buzz that is determined to come his way.

Although I am by no means a Krystal fan, I loved her dictate to Annie, "Go somewhere."  It's a big house.  I'm sure there is a lot of somewhere to go and to her credit, Annie beat feet there pretty quickly.

Krystal gave JR some no-nonsense talk and although his assurances to her rang a bit false, especially when Marissa came in and broadly announced in front of God, her mother and anyone else listening that she is all set to return to her marital bed, you've got to admit that Krystal gave it her best effort.

It's a scary time when Krystal is the one on the show who makes the most sense.

Of course, I could say the same thing about Annie, who had some surprisingly good (if totally ineffectual)  advice for Colby, who by all appearances just threw away a stunning opportunity to intern in New York.  Damon, of course, was considering his opportunity to intern in Liza's bedroom, so was understandably conflicted when she excitedly told him she was staying. 

You know a relationship is volatile when we can go from this ============>

<======= to this and pillow throwing in a matter of a few frames.  Here we see Colby frantically removing Damon from her buddy list in a fit of unparalleled phone rage.

or perhaps she is taking him off of her speed dial, since that seems to be the Pine Valley equivalent of exchanging promise rings these days.  ===>

I found it to be a particularly stunning and original excuse that Damon had for kissing Liza:  "I went off my meds for a few days."

I honestly have not heard that one before. 

The kiss was less than stunning (I have much higher hopes for Caleb and Erica's first kiss when that inevitably comes) and if you missed it, it's here:


Other brief comments:

Thank you, thank you, thank you powers that be, for giving Michael E. Knight to those of us who absolutely adore a softer, older man to the tanned hard bodies.  I love his delivery, his wit, his gray, his smile and pretty much everything about him.  Lately, I've been hearing some not so nice things being said about his aging process, but to me, he looks sexier than ever.  Cookie cutter hot guys are boring to me.  Tad is the hotness.

Jackie proved this week that real man can make a lilac colored tie walk and talk.  Jack looked elegant and strong as he questioned Erica about her seeming obsession with Caleb (a minimum of twice that I saw).  It takes real confidence to do that and stay calm, but for that matter, it takes real confidence to ask La Kane to marry you for about the 17th time, so score one or three from Team Jackson!

See you folks next week!  I hope you all have a fantastic week.

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