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July 4, 2010

Photos (with) Essay This Week

Sometimes, you know, you just have to say it with photos.  So here we go, friends:

You know, I really think Jesse
would do well to ask his doctor
wife to prescribe some anti-anxiety
meds for him.  He's wound up
tighter than a spinster's butt lately.
He's going to crack much sooner
than Angie will and she actually
said "Ass" this week.  Is the
world broken?

This is wrong on so many levels.  I would pay money to see Marissa really go completely postal, Leslie Coulson style.
JR's explanation of why HE needed to go to the beach cottage all by himself, leaving Marissa and AJ with
his concubine,
was so thin I could see through it.  Thank God, Marissa called BS on it, but I have a feeling
she may have won that battle but lost the war.  In fact, she might not have even won the battle because
JR did NOT look convinced.  I'd like JR to see when he's really pushed her too far, not where she might
hurt him by leaving him, but where she might hurt him by beating him and stabbing him and cutting things off of him.

OH and Krystal, if Marissa wants a make over,
give the girl a little empowerment and go with
her to buy some new shoes and teddies.  It
can't hurt and she can embrace her inner...
whatever.  You know, that thing that tends to
get YOU in trouble.

I do, however, give props to Krystal for pointing
out to Marissa that JR is NOT putting the family
first since they STILL LIVE IN THAT HOUSE!

Makeup scares AJ?  This kid
is just not ready for the world
on any level.  Good thing he
won't remember Babe much.
She was a walking Wet and
Wild display.  He'd be terrified.

Does his shirt say "Free Lick?"

Greenlee's hair looked great this week!

Caleb's childish jabs at Erica and his
nicknames are getting tiresome already.
I knew Sawyer from LOST, Sawyer from
LOST was a friend of mine.  YOU, sir,
are no Sawyer from LOST.

You know, whether the place is sold at
the last minute or not, I think in any state
in the US, tenants have to be given
a 30 day notice.  I smell a lawsuit.
Get Iris Blanco on it.

I'll bet for her screen test, she
had to cross her arms and look
just as pious as Eden Rigel did.

See you folks next week!  I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!

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