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June 26, 2010

Chandler Reprieve

It is a joy to be back a the keyboard to talk to you folks about what's going on with AMC.  A series of computer disasters, plus a wonderful - but all to brief - trip back to my homeland of Kentucky got in the way of the past two weeks of commentary, so there is a lot to discuss.

I will, however, refrain from my over-scrutiny of the Chandler clan which has dominated my writing for quite some time.  How much can you really say about them?  For me, it all comes down to two words:  Adam's gone. 

That mansion without Adam in it is like a day without sunshine.  Seeing Palmer, Adam and Zach all on one intro is enough to have me sobbing into my ice cream before we're even into the first real scene of the episode.

This week's column is going to focus on one of my favorite Pine Valley families, The Hubbards. 

I thought the promotion ceremony was wonderful as Jesse spoke from his heart about the pride he feels for his lovely daughter.  That daughter was actually the first time I ever thought oddly of Jesse as he has been one of my favorite AMC characters.  The fact that he came back from the dead did not bother me in the least.  In the world of soaps, you could commit suicide by chopping yourself into tiny bits and making a smoothie of yourself in Ron Popeil's personal blender and STILL come back whole and sound at some point.

What bugged me is that Jesse could have a whole other family that he just failed to mention.  It bugged me that Jesse could have a whole other family that he basically abandoned to go find Frankie and Angie.  It bugged me that he could say to Natalia on the phone (before we ever saw her face), "I told you not to call me."  The whole thing was just too weird and out of character for me.  I can understand a little hesitancy before busting out the stunning second family story to Angie, especially with Frankie on the verge of death, but he let it go too long to be believable.

I got past that sizable road bump and began to love the Hubbards again.  At this point, they seem to me to be exactly where I would imagine Angie and Jesse to be at this point in their lives.  Natalia, of course, had the fastest education and ascent of any police detective and is a veritable Doogie Houser of cop work.  I am excited that a police detective makes enough bread to buy lunch for a whole gaggle of her policey compatriots.  As they left the cop shop and carried her aloft, they proclaimed that lunch was on Natalia.  I presumed they meant the picking up of the tab and not that the lunch was literally on Natalia.

Are you serious?  Seriously?  The mayor who is oppressing Jesse and fawning over David is named Iris Blanco?  I knew the Iris part from when David was arrested, but Blanco?  As in... Iris White?  Oppressor of Police Chiefs of color?  Sure, she's Hispanic, but Iris Blanco?

OK, I'm quite done with that.

Poor Angie!  I thought she was going go get a change of life baby, maybe even a special needs child story, but no.  Instead, she gets endophthalmitis with a good potential for it to lead to blindness.  I knew there was trouble coming when David was chewing her out over risking her own safety to save little Ramon.  His words echoed with a foreboding authenticity that was bound to come back and haunt her.  Even on an airplane, you put on your oxygen mask first and help those around you second. 

I did an exhaustive study on endophthalmitis (meaning I searched Yahoo for info on it for 10 minutes or so) and found all you ever wanted to know about the conditionSomeone should cue the other Hubbards into the fact that her eyes are probably extremely red, but I guess all that midnight oil she's burning could account for that.  As far as the symptoms we are seeing from Angie so far, I had a smiliar set of problems and it turned out that all I needed was to get some rest, cut down on sweets and purchase some reading glasses (being old over forty and all).  Poor Angie didn't have it so good.

She did, however have some amazing luck.  For instance, she was having really excellent hair days all last week and let me tell you, that's not a blessing to minimize.  With Super Detective Natalia's help, she was able to pinpoint the exact park where Ramon, that nutty little crumb catcher, just happened to be relaxing.  She did not, however, question his friend/caregiver/brother who came along to take him back home again.  That guy might have been a wealth of information.  She was able to hit the trashcan with that Starbucks cup even with the starlight effect all over it.  Go Team Angie!  We have to take our successes where we can find them.

By the way, Jesse, Heather is a nurse.  Heather is not a waitress.  Please do not ask her to get Angie or anybody else some bacon and eggs.  Haul your own butt down to the diner or hospital cafeteria and get your wife some eggs.  Leave Heather alone and let her check on Mr Holland in 314 who doesn't take his meds and Ms Sherman who is checking out. 

Just a quick non-Hubbard comment:

David can sure rock a suit, can't he?

Before I had my computer crash, I started a column about Amanda and Jake's wedding.  Here it is, just in case you are interested:

It’s rare that we are able to enjoy a momentous event like a wedding and not have the building blow up or someone come back from the dead or get kidnapped, but Jake and Amanda managed to pull it off.  The most dramatic thing that happened was Amanda losing her ring and Damon being forced to dance the endless dance with Liza.  To paraphrase Shari Lewis, “This is the dance that doesn’t end… yes it goes on and on my friend…”   

Overall, fashion was the star of the show as most of the characters turned out quite nicely.  I must turn in with shameful flushed cheeks my Barnaby Jones Fan Club pin because it took me a couple of minutes to recognize Lee Meriweather with different hair.  Mea culpa.  Her dress was spectacular and I think it is telling of my degree of advanced age that of all the ones I saw, it was the one I actually want.  Loved Krystal’s dress with the pomanders stapled to the shoulder.  I used to hang those from the hangers in my closet that had the “special clothes” on them.   

Typically, I do not enjoy an asymmetrical, off the shoulder look, but Angie was working hers, whether she was vertical or horizontal.  It even looked great under a physician’s coat.  For me, the best dressed award, surprisingly, goes to Madison (?!).  Her champaign colored slinky dress hit all the right places and had a very nice flow to it and in my humble opinion, having a good hair day and looking hot at a wedding totally makes up for having your date leave with another woman.  Tra la.  Who cares.   

I loved the shot of Jake feeding a tiny piece of wedding cake to Trevor.  It was sweeter than the cake itself, which probably put that child actor into sugar shock within a few minutes, but still, I had my little ovary-quivering, grandma moment.  Quite precious.  As outrageous as some of the wedding dresses can get, I loved how Amanda (aka “Wardrobe Department”) stayed with the soft, romantic look.  It was very well suited to the bride and brought up those organic wedding-y feelings in me. 

That was some kind of fit Jackson threw at Fusion!  Remind me not to get on his bad side. I think I actually cringed in my living room a few times when he was slamming stuff around.

Let you begin to think I’m going soft, there were a few irritating points for me as well.  I was dismayed to see that, based on the hairstyles at the wedding, hair with a major poof in the back is in style.  Mind you, being a Proper Southern Woman, I do love me some big hair (which we actually call "big har"), but having it just poof out the back is just nine kinds of wrong.  Up, babies, not out the back, giving it that laying hen effect.  The last thing we want is people imagining us popping breakfast out the back end of our hairdo.

Tad, the bow-tie... really?

I understand about extras and all that, but I really thought I should know more people who were at Amanda and Jake's wedding.  I found myself puzzling over who exactly all these people WERE who were edging around the core characters.  Don't try to impress me with how many people the Martins know and I don't.  It makes me feel weird.

Poor Natalia!  All of the other Pine Valley elite gals got to get all gussied up in couture fineness and she was stuck in that blue uniform. 

Lastly, there is some special level of hell reserved for Greenlee's black number.  It looked like a school project Wednesday and Pugly Addams made out of facial tissue flowers.  I admit that I missed a couple of episodes leading up to the wedding, so either Greenlee commited the ultimate wedding fashion faux pas by wearing black to a wedding (I also STILL cannot wear white shoes after Labor Day and before Easter) OR Amanda cursed Greenlee with the dreaded Ugly Wedding Attendant Dress That Must Never Be Reworn.  Either way = Tah-ragic.

That's all for this week!

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