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May 24, 2010

Fast Horses, Faster Women and More Money!
(OK, there aren’t any horses)

It’s rare that fashion on the shows ever catches my attention, but I just have to say that Marissa dress last Friday (the aqua tie-dye-ish number) was quite lovely and flattering.  

That was the only thing about that particular scene that was comfortable to me.  I had to consider that if I wore that dress, I would look slightly ever so much like the great Pacific Ocean and then I had to consider how Annie actually had her hand up on the door jam, all Mae Westy, when JR opened it to her knock.  This gal might as well wear a T-shirt that says, “Official Chandler Bedwarmer.”  She is like their personal Lily vonSchtupp.  (And always too soon!)   

I really felt for Marissa in those scenes after Annie slithered out of the room.  The whole time I was thinking, “Get away, JR!  Move your tiny, broken little family out of the mansion!  Fly away home, ladybug!”  Am I being too hard on Annie?  C’mon, don’t go all Scott Chandler on me.  She knew he was married when she pounced on him and now he’s trying to do the right thing by his family and she’s on him like white on rice.  Was he wrong for his rather misguided and stupid plan for how to entrap her and bring her down through sex?  Oh dear heavens, yes.  He was wrong in so many ways we’d be here forever if we tried to list them.  He is, however, trying to do the right thing NOW and you would think she could give him the space to do it, especially since Chandler men pop up for her like Pez out of a dispenser.  Show some class, young missy! 

As soon as Marissa brought up the idea of them taking a trip together, I thought I might have found a soul sister, but JR had to ruin it by babbling about Scott taking over Chandler Enterprises.  Poor Junior had to go and play the “business first” card and I have no doubt that is going to come back and haunt him.  Regardless, they have more money than Oral Roberts!  Go stay at the Yacht Club or rent a cottage on Pine Valley Lake or something.  Move into Hypocrisy House with Tad and Krystal. Does he not remember what happened in “Poltergeist” after the ghost whispered rather loudly for them to “GET OUT!” and they stuck around?  Here I am:  “GET OUT!”  Get out before AJ gets sucked into the TV and you start pulling your face off in the mirror!  Get out before the Chandler pool turns into a hole full of skeletons bobbing around in the rain! My thought is that if you’re in the ocean and a predator has already taken a chomp out of your leg, GET OUT OF THE WATER!  No sense swimming around on a matter of principle waiting for another close encounter.  Pulling you over for a quiet little sidebar, allow me to give kudos to Jacob Young who has obviously been hitting the gym.  Very nice on the washboard abs and mighty shoulders, Youngster!  Oh how far you have come from the skinny little thing wearing the ripped up jeans at your first GH Fan Club Weekend, God bless ya. 

Opal Courtlandt, Harbinger of Doom.  We might have felt some foreboding when Opal predicted the tornado that claimed Babe’s life and around 47 dying scenes from her, but never have I felt such a soul-clutching, blood-turn-to-ice terror as when she looked at Greenlee and proclaimed, “Marrying David was never in the cards.  You were always supposed to end up with Ryan.”  Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!  We all know that whatever Opal says happens, so all we can do now is sit back and watch this train wreck happen.  Will the writers defy Opal’s apocalyptic prediction and let the Haywards take over Pine Valley?  We can only hope, crime stoppers.  We can only hope. 

An entire internet full of saucy double entendres later, it appears that Krystal actually has purchased BJ’s.  From the parking lot to the administrative offices, Krystal has hopped her way to the big time.  Jackson must pay his secretaries extremely well since Krystal’s employment that would enable her to save up for such a venture has been minimal since she arrived in Pine Valley.  If she’s not using it, I’ll sure apply for that job she has for a few weeks!   

Even from the grave, Palmer is articulate, wise and empowering.  His letter to Erica posthumously is one that we all should all get at some point in our lives just to give us the backbone to keep on walking.  His advice to her to look around and take time to appreciate where you are and who you are even as you are pushing forward to get somewhere else was timely and very authentic.  On the other hand, it is a lot easier to look around and appreciate where and who you are if you have a big, fat ton of money.  Only wealthy people ever dispute that idea and I think that is just so we po’ folks won’t aspire to greatness.

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