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May 17, 2010

Things That Make You Say “Hmmm….” 

While Amanda might be over-thinking the things Janet said to her to the extreme, she’s not the only one who seems a little mentally shaken around Pine Valley.  My heart was breaking as she was begging Janet to wake up and … what?  Say that she doesn’t love her with all her heart?  Say that Amanda does not fiercely love Trevor?  I keep trying to imagine what could possibly come out of Janet’s mouth to heal things for Amanda.  Do we really think Janet would say, “At least you aren’t crazy like I am?”  The writers could definitely take a turn and surprise me, but I really do not think Janet the character is self aware enough to even understand that she is mentally incompetent.  That is a big part of the complexities of Janet; she really doesn’t know that she’s crazy.  Everything she says and does makes perfect sense to her.   

For all of us, but especially Amanda, that particular facet of Janet’s mental illness is what is most terrifying.  If she doesn’t think she is crazy and actually is, might that not be true for any of us (or all of us)?  It’s that old conundrum of how refusing to admit that you are an alcoholic is a sign of being an alcoholic, but what if you aren’t an alcoholic and you deny being an alcoholic?  Amanda is not upset specifically about what Janet said; she’s upset because what Janet said might be true. 

All of that aside, did anyone get the feeling that ol’ Jake is just a little tee-ninesy bit too familiar with the park?  Between making the “whoosh” sound for the slide and knowing that all of the baby action happens around the swings, I’m thinking he needs to diversify to the zoo and the ball pit now and then or he’s going to be eating “sammiches” and counting to elebenty million in just a few episodes. 

I did feel a rush of nostalgia over Amanda’s panic when Trevor had a fever.  Ah, the tension of first time moms!  It is so precious.  I have six children and eventually, you stop worrying and letting every fever, every ache, every whimper throw you into fits of despair and devastation.  By the time my 6th child came along, they could be convulsing from fever and I’d given them some children’s Tylenol, gently put them into a tepid tub of water, toss in a cup of Tide and the laundry and just let them agitate.  (Disclaimer:  Not really, this is all just for filler space on a column.  All six of my children are healthy, somewhat happy and have never had a fever convulsion, nor have they been actively involved in the process of my laundering except to occasionally wash their own clothing in the conventional fashion.  End Disclaimer)   

While I will readily admit to missing a few episodes here and there and not always paying attention when Marissa is in a scene, I recently wondered what she calls David when she speaks to him.  I don’t believe I have ever heard her address him by name.  Is he Dad?  Daddy?  Papa?  David?  Dr. Hayward?  Perhaps my own favorite: “Dr. Hayward, Sir?”  (That’s what he likes for me to call him, at least)   

Speaking of David, I wonder how much he paid for that “Executive Director” sign.  If Pine Valley Hospital was a small country, it would have been invaded and overtaken many times in the past year with the shaky political structure it has.  There is never a moment of administrative stability in that place.  I can’t imagine that anyone who works there can keep track of who is in charge.  They might as well engrave Angie’s name on the back of it and flip it around according to whoever happens to have won the daily game of King of the Mountain.   

These burning questions keep me up at night, just a little.  Sort of like the way it looks like Jackson wears a wedding ring on his right ring finger and how JR’s hair grew back blonder and with highlights after his cancer.  Like so many others, I try not to think about the idea of Krystal and Babe living on grilled cheese sandwiches she made on an ironing board or whatever when she is actually an experienced legal secretary.  Curiouser and curiouser! 

See you next week for a run through the Valley!

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