All My Children Commentary

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With Katrina Rasbold

May 10, 2010

You know, say what you will about the challenges All My Children currently faces, but I have to say, I was completely impressed with the performances that came in last week.  Kate Collins absolutely did not disappoint as Janet and she had me believing that it was all Amanda’s fault that she killed Uncle Porkchop!  Amanda’s horror when Janet said, “Like it or not, you are your mother’s daughter” and Janet’s devastation when she heard that Amanda no longer wanted anything to do with her were heartbreaking.  Janet is an amazing, complicated character, but I am sure it must be tough to come up with new ways for her to do crazy things and demonstrate such psychotic behavior and not be killed off; hence, the occasional visits rather than long term engagements.  If Janet was here all of the time, I can’t imagine she would last long.  Still, I just love watching her mind work and I love how easily she can suck me into her world and make her delusions make sense to me.  It makes me believe that we are all just a quarter degree’s turn away from being a Janet.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I’m good with that too. 

After not really giving Brittany Allen much attention as Marissa, I was blown away by her ferocious performance when JR confessed his adultery.  The way she whipped out so much emotion and fury, it was completely stunning.  It was like having a sweet little dog around for a few months and one day, having the thing just start talking to you.  It was unexpected and intense and she handled the scenes beautifully.  It was all very raw and organic.

Does Annie’s brain every stop working?  Does she ever just hit pause because something is so shocking to her that she has to reboot her mental computer?  Not as far as I can tell!  No matter what hits this woman, she rolls after the punch and pops back up again like one of those giant, inflatable, thumb shaped punching bags.  I think she has a “The hell you say…” locked and loaded and ready to fire at all times.  She must live in constant fight or flight.  I loved how Scott was trying to gently point out that she was sleeping her way through all of the Chandler men and she turned it right around to, “But you all are going to love me eventually.”  Now that takes confidence.  In an aside, I am really starting to believe that Scott is Haley Joel Osment’s older brother or something.  The resemblance is uncanny. 

I have to say thanks to Angie and Jesse for the visual, but if David is a cockroach, let me ban the exterminators and chuck out all of my Raid.  I’ll lay out all kinds of delectable crumbs on the kitchen counter and even leave the light off so he doesn’t scurry away. 

That’s all for this week, friends.  Take care and I’ll see you next week as we walk through the Valley together!

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