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With Katrina Rasbold

May 2, 2010

Hellloooooo Janet!!

What a great cliffhanger!  It’s so great to see one of my favorite crazy people back again.  AMC has the best villains, I swear.  I loved the Leslie Coulson story.  Ray Gardner is always chilling, in reality or ghost form.  Arlene, Billy Clyde, Vanessa, Michael and Alexander Cambias, Richie Novak, Terry McDermott… What fascinating and complicated characters!

In many cases, the jury is out and we are left to wonder who the bad guy is and who he isn’t.  Was Greg Madden more of a villain than Erica, who attempted to poison him on public TV or Tad who buried him alive and left him to die in his own personal excretions when an earthquake hit?  Was Jonathan a sociopathic killer or the product of an invasive brain tumor?  Or a horrific childhood that permanently damaged a young man forever? 

Is Annie the villain for all that she has done since she got to town or is she a victim of circumstance, driven mad by all she has been forced to endure? 

All My Children loves to blur the lines between right and wrong and let the audience decide.  You only need to go on any of the many active messages boards to see that it works!  AMC fans polarize into camps and stand by their favorite characters?

Janet Marlowe Green Dillon has endured over time, popping in and out of asylums and proud owner of a list of crimes as long as your arm.  She even tried to give Harold the Dog alcohol poisoning!  She kidnapped Hayley, shot Brian Bodine, left her sister in a well to die while impersonating her, killed Will Cortlandt, shot her sister, tried to kill Laurel twice (once by tampering with the brakes on her car and once by trying to smother her with a pillow), blackmailed Palmer, tried to gaslight Dixie, drugged Harold the dog AGAIN and put him on a U-Haul headed for California, tried to kill Sophie Malinowski and threw her in a trash dumpster, finally did kill Sophie, killed Trevor (Amanda’s father) and kept his body in a chest freezer (telling Amanda he “just needed to chill out”).  She pushed Babe down a flight of stairs, drugged the pumpkin soup at the Chandler Thanksgiving dinner and started a fire that almost killed Greenlee and Kendall.  She stole Little Adam and hid him in a manger in place of the Baby Jesus, pushed Di Henry through some ice, caused the explosion at the Mardi Gras ball (Goodbye Ethan… Katrina loved you so) and that’s just scratching the surface of her no-goodedness. 

You can always depend on the sun to come up in the morning, taxes to be due in April and Janet to show up every now and then to lengthen her list a bit.  Now we can add “knocked out Natalia.”  During the eight wonderful episodes where we get to tumble yet again down into Janet’s way of thinking, we can expect a few other creative crimes to emerge.  Don’t get lost in there though, or you’ll be the Mayor of CrazyTown before you know it.

 I am thrilled to see Kate Collins back in the role again and look forward to the newest installment in her story.  A big welcome back to her and an equally big thank you to the powers that be for letting us visit with this unique and complex character yet again.


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