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April 26, 2010 

Bringing It All Home (Then Taking Some of It Away)! 

This week, All My Children brought us the full mix of what I watch soaps to see:  Romance!  Lust!  Tears!  Lest we forget, we also got to bear witness to the most dangerous of all forces in the world (especially the world of soaps), a woman scorned. 

It was quite a roller coaster ride as we saw our Pine Valley companions go through a gamut of emotions and we went right along with them.  I thought my biggest sobbing, choking moment would be Palmer’s memorial, but even though I was bawling my eyes out by the time they were lighting candles, my real breakdown came as Brooke and Adam left.  David Canary left the show giving us the greatest gift:  a week of some of his best acting I have ever seen.  Granted, his work is always exemplary.  I can’t say that I’ve ever once seen him “phone in” a performance.  This week, however, he pulled out all the stops and delivered an amazing body of work. 

Pine Valley won’t ever be the same now.  Some forward thinking on the part of the powers that be gave us a goodbye from Kendall (which was “phoned in,” just in a different way) and a welcome from Dixie and I am just so sorry, but it has to be said:  “What is UP with that HAIR?  Is there a Glamorama in Heaven that specializes in Peg Bundy?  I was denied what I wanted to see more than anything, which was a few seconds with Marj Dusay as Vanessa looking at a photo of Palmer and sniffling a little.  Ah well.  Can’t have everything. 

Little Junior Chandler got in over his head big time by fooling with his stepmother’s emotions.  Did he forget that this is the woman whose own brother met the business end of a tire iron when he crossed her?  I’ll bet he remembered that really fast when she brandished that poker at him.  She’s stabbed Erica for less reason than what JR did to upset her, so he might want to be sleeping with one eye open for a while.  Surely he knew that by sleeping with Annie, he was putting himself in a position to have to trust her not to tell Marissa and that, Little Chandler Man, just isn’t a good place to be.  As I said in the first paragraph, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” or is it “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn?”  Either way, JR, you just got yourself stuck between a rock and your hard place.  Bad form. 

David’s disclaimer to Greenlee before they made love was about the most intensely passionate thing I’ve heard in a long time.  “If you give yourself to me, I want all of you.”  She did and she’d better be willing to pay the piper.  Get it in writing, Dave.  Get it in writing.  It actually makes my stomach churn a little to think that she could be having sex with this smoldering hot guy and thinking about Ryan.  My hope is that she’s in it to win it because if they do join forces and stick together, they could take over the world.  If she pines after Ryan and pouts that he is angry with her over her testimony, this could take a down turn very quickly.  Have we really ever needed Leo more than we do now?  He is about the only one I could stand to see Greenlee leave David for when it comes down to it.  David’s romantic life has been a mess since Anna left and I’d like to seen him get the girl for once.  He has become the Todd Manning of Pine Valley, being blamed for everything that goes wrong when he has committed no crimes greater than those of Tad, Erica, Ryan, Zach or any of the other upstanding, respected citizens of the town.   

My favorite part of this week’s episodes had to be the flashbacks.  Since I was a latecomer to the show, I missed a lot and it warmed my heart to get to see the scenes I missed first time around.  My goodness! Jack’s hair!  I had to look close to make sure that was actually Walt Willey playing him!  He certainly did look different back then but well, I guess we all did.   

This coming week, watch for Robert Curtis Brown to show up as Damon’s (other) father.  He debuts on Wednesday.  We are fast coming up on the work of the new regime as David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski debut their head writer pens starting May 12th.  Their published promise to AMC viewers is that the show will be restored to its former glory.  I can’t imagine that ever being the case without Palmer and Adam around, but I am certainly willing to give them their best shot at impressing me.  Lorraine Broderick did such a fine job with the past week’s episodes that it gives me hope that there really is a brighter future on the horizon for this fine, fine show. 

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