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April 12, 2010

Old Friends and New Alliances

Greetings to my fellow All My Children fans!  As a brief introduction, I am Katrina Rasbold, editor of the website  I am a relative newcomer to All My Children, having started my viewing of the show in January 2001, just after Libidozone and around the time that David and Dixie were starting their affair.  I have been writing commentary about ABC soaps professionally for twelve years now and have come to love All My Children and its rich, vibrant cast of characters.  My favorite measure of an AMC man?  “Well, he’s no Chris Stamp, but…” 

As the show goes through growing pains, it is nice to see the hand of Lorraine Broderick gently shaping the characters back into more of their old selves again, taking them to places I recognize from before.  At the same time, she is also throwing established characters into new alliances; a bold move for any writer.  For most, it’s like fried ice cream:  an idea that shouldn’t work, but does.  Although many of us – I’m including myself in this – always wanted to see a David-Greenlee pairing, I think few ever truly expected it would happen, well, especially after she died.  Seeing these two acting dynamos take on one another and these two fierce characters form an alliance to punish the people in Pine Valley who have betrayed them has been like watching a tornado get really, really angry and decide it means business.  While I was watching the scene of the two of them talking through the jail bars, it dawned on me that Greenlee and David probably understand one another better than any couple currently on the canvas.   

The one exception to this is the notcouple (so far) of Adam and Brooke.  Their scenes have felt so effortless and it is lovely to watch old friends (both on and off screen) enjoy the ease of being together.  Showing Brooke as self-aware enough to talk about her “Empty Nest Syndrome” to Adam and having him lend a sympathetic ear to her plight made me remember why I love these characters so much.  To those who know Adam and “get” Adam and accept him on his terms – as Stuart did – Adam is an incredible blessing.  To those who are out to scam him and use him or worse, underestimate him, he’s the worst nightmare you can possibly have.  Brooke can be selfish and intense, but she is consistently “Brooke” and I appreciate that in a character.  Even as she was dealing with Annie in recent scenes – although some say she was doing to Annie what Dixie did to her all those years ago – I could still see the essence of Brooke in her actions.  She was struggling to do the right thing for her dear friend, but also look out for her own interests. 

The most unlikely alliance we can see forming before our startled eyes is the one of JR and Annie.  JR should know that a playah should never play a playah!  It didn’t take long of him trying to scam Annie before he wound up caught in her web, struggling for his life and struggling even harder to remember his WIFE.  It isn’t a compromised immune system he needs to worry about, but a compromised integrity system! 

I feel bad for poor Jack, acting as though he is a free will agent when he is actually still nothing more than a cat toy for Erica.  God help the poor man for being stuck between the love of his life and his recently undead daughter.  If he has any sense, he’ll find Carmen, where ever she landed, and go on a good, long cruise! 

Major changes are afoot at AMC, both in the form of the show continuing to adjust to the move out West and also in the work of our new Head Writers, David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski.  Any time new writers come on board, we have to wonder where they will take our beloved characters.  What changes will come about and what stories will shape them in the future.  I know I am around for the long haul and I hope you are as well.

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