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August 2, 2010

Dear Friends,

It is with tremendous pleasure (and not just a tiny bit of pride, but a whole lot) that I present to you one of my long time dearest friends as well as my most devoted AMC columnist who has been providing Eye on Soaps readers with her brilliant insight and witty, literate observations about life in The Valley since our site first opened its doors in 2000.  Kate Roach Brown continues to delight our EOS readers with her AMC Spoiler Commentary and now, she has agreed to share commentary duties with me here at "Soap Talk."

Thinking that you folks might get tired of hearing just me prattle on every week and would appreciate hearing a different view, I invited Kate to join me and was delighted when she agreed.  She and I will trade off weeks on commentary.  When you see my picture on the weekly installment, it's me writing. 

<=====  That's me.

When you see the dapper Billy Clyde Tuggle, it's Kate. 

That's Billy Clyde Tuggle  =====>

Although we have similar haircuts, I do ask that you not confuse me with Billy Clyde.  He has far better hats.

Our by-line will also be identified under the heading each week so you will know who to write to about what the column says.

Without further ado, here is Kate's introductory column for "Soap Talk" via the Official All My Children Fan Club.  Please give her a warm AMC Fan Club welcome.  You're gonna love her just as I do.

I'll be back next week.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled "Soap Talk" column:

Soap Talk 
With Kate Roach Brown

Welcome to my first column for the AMCFC site. Some of you may already know me. It is more likely that most of you are asking, “Who is this Kate Brown person and what is she doing here?”

I am here thanks to a kind invitation from Katrina Rasbold and the generous acceptance of Debbie Morris. Thank you, ladies.

I am a longtime AMC viewer. How long? I remember the original commercial. The setting? Kate Martin’s kitchen. The dialogue? “Hello, I am Mary Fickett. And I am Rosemary Prinz. Please join us on our new show, “All My Children.”  Who could resist such a promising invitation? Not me, that’s for sure.


While watching that commercial I never dreamed that I would spend 10 years writing about AMC and, yet, I have been doing exactly that at  Along with this column, I will continue writing the spoiler commentary for EOS.

It isn’t always a love fest. Honestly, sometimes AMC frustrates me. Our relationship is like any other intimate relationship. It may irritate, even anger, me sometimes but that does not mean I don’t love AMC. Or that I will ever stop watching.

Just like Erica, I could talk for hours about myself. However, I’ll move on to talking about the past week or so in Pine Valley.

This week was a great Tad week. Tad’s behavior was admirable and adult.  He took time to listen to his son but did not instantly let him off the hook. That’s definite progress. Tad was angry but did not let his anger get out of control. Tad finally understood that to help Damon, he has to be his father and not his best friend. Giant leap forward for Tad!

My favorite part of Tad’s week? When he slammed Liza for lying. It was a thing of beauty. It was almost poetic.

Michael E. Knight brought just the right amount of gravitas to his performance. Is it wrong that I find this Tad sexier than silly Tad?

Caleb is still on shaky ground with me. In my book, rudeness does not equal charming. He does have one thing working in his favor. He doesn’t like puppets, either. What else is working in his favor? He is interacting with almost everyone in the Valley. He hasn’t been sequestered with only one group of PV residents. Oh, and another thing-his assessment of the Chandler boys was spot on. “Two pups fighting to be Alpha. Neither one has what it takes.”

Does Annie have what it takes to lead a normal life? Let’s see, she is engaged to one man while in heat for another. In Pine Valley, that’s what a normal life looks like. I am always interested in whatever (crazy) thing Annie has going on. Melissa Claire Egan’s performance keeps Annie interesting, funny, and a bit scary. What’s not to like?

There is not much I like about Marissa. Still, it was hard not to cheer her on when she said, “I cannot believe I put my awful marriage ahead of my professional life.”

Married life in the Valley is not easy.  You get a major career break but you also get your blackmailer sharing your home with your husband. You have to choose between going blind and carrying your baby to term. You marry the love of your life, you make her dreams come true, and then she wants to get back together with a man who collects clown noses. (Yes, I have a penchant for Ryan/clown nose jokes.)

Ryan and Madison are much more fun than Ryan and Greenlee. They bring out the best in each other. He doesn’t bully her and she doesn’t hit him with the nearest bookend. Ryan and Madison are cute.  I am shocked but it’s true. I wouldn’t want to watch them picnicking in the park every day, but weekly would be fine-as long as Emma comes with them.

Perhaps I am just a sick, sick puppy but for years I dreamed about David getting together with Greens. Vincent Irizarry and Rebecca Budig have always had amazing chemistry. I am hoping Greenlee soon realizes she only wants Ryan because he wants Madison.

And why does Greenlee believe that, “Blackmail and love do not go hand in hand”?

I mean, has she met Pine Valley?

Well, I have met Pine Valley and I will be back to talk more about it in two weeks.


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