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With Kate Brown
August 30, 2010

Aren’t soap weddings wonderfully perfect and/or perfectly wonderful? Brides are always beautiful. Grooms are always handsome. Flowers are abundant. For a brief moment in time, everything is perfect. Here’s proof:

However, it is not this wedding’s most compelling photo. This one is:

It is a raw expression of how Annie and JR feel about each other. There’s passion, desire, and, yes, even love. These semi-adults have screwed things up royally. I should/could feel sorry for them but I do not. Here is why:

When the latest Chandler marriage falls apart, there will be tears, anger, confusion and frustration. Yes, Emma, the true innocent, will feel all these emotions. How will the adults feel about their latest relationship failure? I don’t really care. It’s just plain sad and pathetic when PV children have to pay the price for their parents’ idiocy.

The fourth adulterer, Marissa, had some weirdness of her own going on.

Ewww. I often cringe when Marissa appears, but never for reasons of personal hygiene. Surely, The Idiot’s Guide to Adultery must include something about showering immediately upon leaving your lover’s bed. For several days, I feared Marissa would never change her clothes. I thought she viewed the outfit as her version of Hester Prynne’s scarlet “A”. Props to Marissa for changing clothes and getting on with her life. No props to her for blaming part of her problems on David. I don’t recall David saying, “My dear Marissa, the way to get rid of Annie is to have sex with Scott.” Marissa has caught on to the PV belief that David is responsible for every bad thing that happens. When PV residents blame David, they are relieved of taking responsibility for their own misery. I will spare all of us and not list the many times erroneous blame has been placed on David. I will only talk about last week’s blame game. It was pure Tad Martin to blame David for losing his daughter for 5 years. Never mind that Dixie asked David to help her escape PV. She asked him for a physician referral. She also asked him to keep her whereabouts a secret. David was not responsible for Dixie changing doctors, she was. Greg Madden was Dixie’s choice, not David’s. David didn’t make the poisoned pancakes that killed Dixie, Marissa did. (Until the writers prove otherwise, I will continue to believe that Marissa was trying to kill Babe. A sororicidal Marissa would be an interesting Marissa.) I want to make it clear that I am not a David apologist. He has done heinous things. However, he does admit, most of the time, to doing those heinous things. It’s just that, well, he isn’t a hypocrite. And he is a tortured soul. And he has hairy forearms. And a dry sense of humor. What’s not to love? Oh, and he looks great in black jeans:

What else. What else.

I could just kill him.”

It’s too bad Greenlee doesn’t feel the way I do about David. Sure, he’s blackmailing her but doesn’t his Fusion help and major diamond jewelry balance things out? Is Tad still managing the Casino? Given Ryan’s medical problems, I thought Tad would be spending more time at the casino, not less. “You’re easy.” Caleb just met Krystal and he has already a bead on her true nature. “Let’s talk about Ryan.” Kendall, let’s not and say we did, OK? Scott asking Ryan to talk with Emma was adorable. Just the sort of adorableness that will lead to his eventual broken heart. “Only because..Henry died.” And Madison had nothing to do with his death the same way Tad had nothing to do with Madden’s. Madison and Tad have more in common than they think. “I’m a Yankees fan.” Oh, Caleb, I knew there was a reason I liked you. “It’s not crazy. It’s normal. It’s Pine Valley. Truth be told, Zach, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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