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With Kate Roach Brown
August 16, 2010

Welcome back! Casa Chandler confuses me. Is it a youth hostel? Is it a daycare center? Is it a frat house? One thing I know for sure, it isn’t a place where adults behave like adults. One might say that no one in the Valley acts like an adult. That is a valid point. However, Casa Chandler houses what is supposed to be the next generation of corporate potentates. No matter what insanity was going on in Palmer’s and Adam’s lives, they still remained business powerhouses. Why aren’t JR and Scott more like their elders? True, they are young but Adam and Palmer started their magnificent journeys when they were young, too.

On paper Scott and JR have had more advantages. Scott is well educated. JR has been watching corporate dealings/shenanigans since he was but a wee lad. They have been handed a magnificent gift on a Tiffany silver platter. I think that may be the problem. Neither one had to work and/or sacrifice anything to be successful. In his heart, Scott knows he would rather be making non-profit documentaries. JR has yet to figure out that the longer he lingers in Adam’s shadow, the less likely he is to achieve anything to call his own. Neither is at peace with running CE. Until they figure out what they want, CE will be ripe for the picking. It sounds cruel, but I’d like to see the boys lose everything. Having to decide between rebuilding CE and creating something of their own could be a great story. All this leads me to Caleb. The young Chandlers fooled him once, but it’s unlikely that will happen again. Hopefully, dealing with a force like Caleb will help them grow up. I am warming up to Caleb. His rudeness still irks, but he is no longer rude every moment of every day. Rude Caleb was basically a one note character. Hopefully, those days have passed.

Michael Nouri has handled Caleb’s development with great skill. He finally seems comfortable in Caleb’s skin. He is a nuanced actor who can, as time goes by, make Caleb a more complicated character. So far, it is a good match of actor and character.  It was a smart move to bring Caleb to the Valley just as Erica was leaving. He is able to create his own non-Erica centric life. When Erica returns she will find a very different Caleb. What will her reaction be? Whatever it is, it will be fun to watch. Unfortunately, the more interested Erica becomes in Caleb, the less interested she will be in Jackson. Like Caleb, Jack needs to create his own non-Erica centric life. For one thing, it would be refreshing. For another, it would increase Erica’s interest in Jack. And, finally, it would be fascinating to see Walt Willey take Jackson in a different direction.

I am glad Kendall is back. I am disappointed that Kendall is back. I was extremely disappointed that her first scene was with Ryan. This doesn’t bode well for the Slater marriage. It does not bode well for my viewing pleasure, either. Obsessing over Ryan’s life never worked out for Kendall in the past. Why does she think it will turn out well this time? My favorite Kendall is the strapping-a-knife-to-her-thigh Kendall. I hope she shows up soon. Greenlee. Greenlee. Greenlee. David. David. David. I cling to the hope that these two will make it. Pine Valley is more delightful when they are together than when apart. What else. What else. “It’s hard to prove you’re not guilty when you are not completely innocent.” Someone needs to tinform Greenlee’s lawyer that no adult is completely innocent in PV. And really, when has true guilt or true innocence mattered in the whimsical PV justice system? “You may wind up with another brain rupture or, even worse, you could wind up allergic to clown noses.”True, that isn’t exactly what was said but it is what I heard in my head. I am not sure, but I think it is Miguel (aka Asher) stalking Colby. Here in Pine Valley stalking a relative is a time honored tradition. Ryan being held captive by his own lies while Annie went on and on and on was superb. It is refreshing to see adults having a realistic conversation. Obviously, I am talking about Angie and Jesse. The Hubbards having a story which focuses only on the Hubbards has been a long time coming. A story with good writing and good acting, what’s not to like?

“No, Ryan, I shanked her in the shower.” His humor is one of the many things I love about the sexy, but evil, David Hayward. Hope to see you here again in two weeks!

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